zmartCLOUD Platform

goZmart is our hardware development platform for Network and IoT applications. It’s a unique and powerful tool for customers interested in 6LoWPAN - IPv6 connectivity for the Internet of Things and it is suitable for the maximum opening to different architectures and existing devices.

And… zmartCLOUD is our software development platform. It is thought to reduce the time to market of the next generation of the Internet of Things applications.
IPv6 - Mesh Network.
Open and flexible.

IPv6 - Mesh Network

Power and simplicity: the local network configures itself.
Thanks to its operation system and the 6LoWPAN protocol - IPv6 over Low Power Wireless Personal Area Network, each node is registered on the Internet with a unique ID, its IPv6 address.

zmartCLOUD is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility of the nodes/smart devices able to feel, do or feel-and-do (because connectable to sensors and/or actuators) and generate the mesh or star communication network.

Open and flexible

It is designed to be used with third-party hardware (sensors and actuators) and diverse O.S. for setting up and manage modules and hubs like Contiki, Riot, LiteOs, IRIS and others.

zmartCLOUD is the development platform for any individual solution, for any business area. Its characteristics make the technology ideal for markets such as home automation, street light monitoring and control, residential lighting, smart metering and generic IoT applications with Internet connected devices.

Everything for a solution that uses open standards and interoperability between devices. With zmartCLOUD you can create your own IoT application focusing our efforts on features and logic of the software system.


True interoperability will be guaranteed through Mac IEEE 802.15.4e and in the case of zmartCLOUD through a solid de-verticalization core which will allow, in the future, the highest level of backward compatibility between solutions.

With the 6LoWPAN all proprietary protocols or standards such as ZigBee or Z-Wave are exceeded and, certainly, for the next few years all the worldwide leading players’ developments shall be oriented in this direction only.

zmartCLOUD is the only solution in the world to keep in a single IPv4 and IPv6 device wireless connectivity to 2.4 GHz and 868 MHz and wired Ethernet.

Opening, de-verticalization, scalability and interoperability in a single solution for the industry of network applications in the coming decades.